Art Show FAQ’s

crackedpots art show at Edgefield FAQ’s


When and where does the show take place?

The crackedpots Art Show always takes place the 3rd week of the July on a Tuesday and Wednesday, (with set-up day on Monday) in Troutdale, Oregon. This show is mainly an outdoor affair with art in Blackberry Hall. 

What is the show’s main goal?

The primary goal of the crackedpots Art Show is to further its mission by presenting art made from materials that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. All art must meet our criteria. We look to see if the art is reducing the landfill or will soon be headed back to it. 

Does my art qualify for show?

This is a juried show. All art must be made from at least 80% reclaimed materials and meet our criteria.  All artwork must also be produced by the artist and not contractors. We realize how much time it takes to reuse and reimagine and we want to support artists making unique pieces.

When is the Call to Artists available?

Typically the third week in February.  The Call to Artists is posted and sent in February and runs about five weeks. Please send high-quality photos of the work you intend to show and sale at the show.

When is art juried into the show?

The art is evaluated by photographs and descriptions that are submitted. Jury selection begins in mid-April and 100 artists are selected and notified by the end of April. We jury based on these photos and your description so please be specific, concise, and intentional with your application submission.

What does it cost to enter the show?

The jury fee is $15. The entry fee is $50 with a 20% commission on total sales due at the end of the show. This is crackedpots biggest fundraiser. The monies collected from this show goes towards paying to produce the show and to create new programs and opportunities for waste reduction and artists.

What does the show look like?

Crackedpots strives to maintain a friendly, free-flowing feel to the show – think garden party, not a street fair. The size of the spaces vary greatly in shape and size, and are allocated based on the size of the work and to provide a mix of mediums.  All artist must work well with their neighbor because the spacing is cooperative and not rigidly defined. Again, this is NOT a farmer’s market – we want a garden shopping experience. To reach our visual goal, no E-Z up canopies are allowed unless rain is expected. Artists are allowed to bring parasols and sun hats. For super sunny spots, umbrellas are permitted.

Please don’t bring a white canopy often seen at street fairs or Saturday markets. The layout of McMenamins simply can’t accommodate this. Please remain flexible when it comes to your space, placing 100 artists of different medium and requirements is a challenge. Last minute changes may need to take place, being adaptable will work in your favor and keep the show from being overly stressful. 

What if it rains?

All artist are to be responsible and check the weather before the show and prepare accordingly. This will be helpful for packing rain protection, including an EZ up canopy which is allowed only if it rains pretty hard. If the producer of the show is able to alert the artists of the weather before the show, they will, but it’s ultimately the artists responsibility to care for their inventory and to stay at the show, rain or shine.

Are there any requirements specific to this show?

Selected artists are required to further our reuse message by:
The use of individual “Story Tags,” that relay the story of the recycled materials used in each piece of art. Artists must also show raw materials used and helpful signage that gives a quick snapshot of their raw materials and finished product. Both ideas will be discussed in detail once you are accepted.

Where do I stay?

Stay at McMenamins or find your own accommodations by searching in Troutdale or Portland, OR, for hotels, campgrounds etc. 

Can I bring my own cooler full of food?

Coolers are not allowed at the show by request of McMenamins because they want visitors to buy their food and drink onsite.  Therefore, open display of brought in picnics etc are not allowed. However, please take care of dietary needs to stay healthy and hydrated at the show. Many artists find that snacking throughout the show works best. Please feel free to have snacks in a purse etc. but, be discreet with your brought in food. There are also many wonderful food options on site and volunteers to watch your booth while you take a break and eat a meal. We are providing you a chance to order food the mornings of the show so you are not caught up in lines.

How can I help spread the word about the show?

This is a word of mouth show and a successful one at that. Please tell your networks about this show by any means necessary. Crackedpots does have a Facebook page you are welcome to “like” and share posts. If your neighborhood or local paper would be interested in this event please contact us with your suggestion. This is especially helpful for the suburban promotion of the event.  

Will there be help for me to load and unload?

Having volunteers at the shows to help you is a bonus! We are grateful to the volunteers that will show up and offer their services. We hope that they will want to continue to do so. Please realize that having your own helpers, should you desperately need them is up to you to arrange. We cannot guarantee that volunteers will always be there to help you. We do appreciate you treating volunteers well and being grateful for them.

Who attends the show?

Our closest guesstimate is that approximately 5000 – 7000 people visit the show (yes on a Tuesday and a Wednesday!). The demographics show retired couples and homeowners looking for art for their home and gifts.

If you have more questions we would like to offer a new artists webinar happening in May. If this is something you would be interested in stay tuned for a invitation from the program manager. You may also email questions or suggestions for the webinar content to